1) Ali have to go to school._____ is in a hurry. a) she b) he c) they d) it e) we f) him 2) Alice has gone to vacation.____ is enjoying herself. a) he b) her c) they d) we e) she f) us 3) Miss Salina and I are going to the library .______ have a lot of cleaning to do. a) us b) they c) we d) she e) he f) it 4) _______ have to clean the whole school because they littering and not respecting the rules. a) we b) he c) she d) they e) it f) us 5)  They picked____to do a dinasour model a) they b) us c) he d) she e) we f) it 6) the dog is in a rush,____ want to walk all day. a) we b) she c) us d) he e) it f) they0



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