I am a wife ____ mother. She wants to go to bed early ____ she is tired. My grandfather is old, ____ he is active in sports. I can eat the pizza right now ____ I can save it for later. Kamini needed some new clothing, ____ she went for shopping. He never drives to the work, ____ he sometimes he drives to the mall. ____ he's very famous he is still nice. He reads magazines, ____ he doesn't like to read books. Do you like tea ____ coffee? ____ he's lost his money, he couldn't go to the restaurant. Mary went to the supermarket ____ bought oranges. I want a bike ____ going to work. She tries very hard in school ____ she is not receiving good grades. He just brought a puppy ____ a kitten home with him. I want to go for a hike ____ I have to go to work today.




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