1) She put the cake in the oven and wash up the plates just now.  a) puts , washes b) put , washs c) puts , washed d) putted , washed e) put , washed 2) Yesterday, David run and kick the ball towards the goal. a) runs , kicks b) run , kicked c) ran , kicked d) runned , kicked 3) Yesterday, Atiqah open the envelope and read the mail.  a) opens , reads b) opened , read c) opened , red d) opens , read 4) I clean up the rubbish bin because I am on duty.  a) cleans , is b) cleaned , was c) cleaned , were d) clean , am 5) We arrange the books and sweep the floor in the library this afternoon.  a) arranged , swepped b) arranged , sweped c) arranges , sweeps d) arranged , swept 6) Two days ago, Kumar fall down after he step on a banana skin. a) falled , steped b) fell , stepped c) fallen , stepped d) felt, stepped 7) She buys a bun and pays for it before leaving just now.  a) buyed, payed b) buyed , paid c) bought , paid d) bought , payed 8) Last night, the show begins after all the audience arrive. a) began , arrived b) begun , arrived c) begin , arrived 9) Yesterday, Alicia cannot answer the question so she sits down quietly.  a) cannot , sat b) could not , sat c) could not , sit d) could not, seated 10) It is windy yesterday evening so we fly our kites. a) was , flown b) was , flew c) were , flew d) were , flown 11) Last year, I give a card to my mother and hug her on her birthday. a) gave , huged b) gave , hugd c) given, hugged d) gave , hugged 12) Yesterday, the new teacher takes out a marker and writes her name on the board. a) taken , wrote b) took , written c) took , wrote d) taken , written



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