1) The kid is moving down the slide. What energy does the kid has? a) potential energy and chemical energy b) chemical energy and nuclear energy c) light energy and nuclear energy d) potential energy and kinetic energy 2) What kind of energy is stored in foods? a) chemical energy b) light energy c) nuclear energy d) kinetic energy 3) Choose the correct energy transformation when "switching on a torch light" a) light energy → electrical energy b) chemical energy →heat energy c) light energy →heat energy d) chemical energy → electrical energy→ light energy + heat energy 4) All the sources below can generate electricity except for : a) rocks b) waves c) wind d) coal 5) This source of energy derived from the heat of hot rocks beneath the surface of Earth. a) biomass b) water c) geothermal d) fossil fuels 6) Sofi is using a solar calculator during class. What is energy transformation that took place ? a) chemical energy →solar energy b) solar energy →electrical energy →light energy c) solar energy →heat energy d) solar energy → chemical energy→ electrical energy 7) State the transformation of energy involved when we ring a bell. a) kinetic energy → sound energy b) chemical energy →solar energy c) kinetic energy → light energy d) electrical energy → sound energy 8) Transformation of energy from " Potential energy →Kinetic energy→ Sound energy happened. Predict the situation a) riding a bike b) lighting a fire c) a moving vehicle d) plunging from a diving board 9) Plants make photosynthesis during day time. What is the energy transformation that takes place? a) solar energy → chemical energy b) chemical energy→ light energy c) light energy → sound energy d) solar energy → electrical energy 10) What does energy mean ? a) energy can be created b) ability to do work c) energy can be destroyed

Science Year 4: Energy (Teacher Bieha)




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