1) My favourite toy is my _____ a) go-kart b) computer game c) car d) kite 2) I love my ____ ____ toy. a) yellow monster b) blue doll c) purple monster 3) His favorite toy is his ____ ____. a) green ball b) orange ball c) green monster 4) Dan loves his ____ _____ ______. a) old yellow kite b) new blue bike c) big red go-kart 5) it's a ____ _____. a) blue train b) red plane c) yellow car 6) Yasmin's favourite toy is her ugly brown monster. a) b) c) 7) Lisa's favourite toy is her train. It is long. It is blue in colour. Lisa loves her long blue train. a) b) c) 8) Zaki's favourite toy is his go-kart. It is big. It is red in colour. Zaki loves his big red go-kart. a) b) c) 9) Naomi's favourite toy is her doll. It is pretty. It wears pink dress. Naomi loves her pretty pink doll. a) b) c) 10) Kamal's favourite toy is his kite. It is new. It is blue in colour. Kamal loves his new blue kite. a) b) c) 11) It's a _____. a) red parallelogram b) blue triangle c) blue parallelogram 12) It's a _____. a) yellow square b) yellow rectangle c) purple square 13) The house is _____. a) square b) triangle c) circle 14) The clock is _____. a) square b) triangle c) circle 15) The window is _____. a) rectangle b) parallelogram c) square

Y1 UNIT2 : LET'S PLAY -vocabulary

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