The first modern Olympic Games were in Greece. There were ____ medals for winners and ____ medals for second place. There weren’t any ____ medals. ____ weren’t competitors until ____. That year there were more competitors than ____. There was an ____-hour-forty-minute ____ match between Martin Klein and Alfred Asikainen. It was the ____ competition in Olympic history. In 1961, ____ and 1944, there ____ any games because of ____. There wasn’t an Olympic ____ until 1920. The flag of every ____ in the world has got one of the ____ Olympic colours in it. In the first ____ Olympics in France, the Canadian ____ team were ____ with 122 goals. Twelve-year-old ____ Inge Sorensen from ____ was the ____ medalist in Olympic history. Abebe Bikila from Ethiopia was the ____ African to win a ____ medal after running a ____ without shoes. ____ is one of the most ____ sports in the world, but wasn't in the Olympics until ____. Hiroshi Hoketsu was a ____ in a ____-competition at the age of ____. In Rio, ____ and ____ were the first events in nearly ____.

Y5 UNIT 6 : SPORTS - The Olympics now and then



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