Baseball and football are very ____ sports. In football, you pass, ____ and score goals while in baseball you ____, bat and score homerun. Both sports however are ____ popular. Baseball in the USA and football in the UK. The UK is the home of ____ football. In 1863, a group of students created the world first football ____. The sport quickly become popular because the ____ were simple and players didn’t need a lot of ____. Just a pitch, a ball and two goals. Today, football is more ____ than ever before. Almost 50 percent of people in the UK watch it regularly and thousands play it every day. Some play with friends, some play for their ____ team and a lucky few even play for ____ teams. In fact, the UK is home to many of the world’s ____ club and the country’s top ____ the premier league makes billion of ____ every year. In the USA baseball is also big money. The country’s ____ team, the New York Yankees is worth over three billion ____ and some players earn ____ of dollars every year. But it isn’t all about money. When the sport started in the 19th century, it was ____ so players didn’t receive money. It became professional in 1869. Today, ____ of people go to see the country’s biggest team every week. And a trip to the ball game is now an American ____. A lot of people play it too. Young people play in parks and baseball ____ and many join their school teams when they go to high school. In fact, high school baseball is very ____ in the USA and players here often become ____ players or even professional players in the future. Baseball is often called America’s favourite ____ while football is definitely Britain’s favourite sport. But today they are more than just ____ and sports. They are an important part of each country’s history and ____.

Y5 UNIT 6: SPORTS - Football vs baseball



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