1) Which polygon has 5 sides ? a) octagon b) hexagon c) heptagon d) pentagon e) nonagon 2) Who I am? a) octagon b) nonagon c) heptagon d) hexagon e) triangle 3) Who I am? a) triangle b) septagon c) hexagon d) nonagon e) decagon 4) Which polygon has 8 sides ? a) nonagon b) septagon c) pentgon d) decagon e) octagon 5) Which polygon has six sides ? a) hexagon b) nonagon c) decagon d) pentagon e) quadrilateral 6) Who I am? a) pentagon  b) decagon c) octagon d) nonagon e) hexagon 7) Which polygon has 10 sides a) octagon b) pentagon c) quadrilateral d) triangle e) decagon 8) I have 2 pairs of parallel and equal length. Who I am? a) quadrilateral b) rhombus c) paralellogram d) trapezium e) rectangle 9) I am rhombus. I have ________ axes of symmetry, ______ diagonals and ______ pairs of equal angles. a) 2, 4, 1 b) 4, 2, 1 c) 2, 2, 2 d) 1, 2, 2 e) 2, 1, 2 10) I have no axes of symmetry. a) Isosceles triangle b) Trapezium c) Kite d) Square e) Rhombus 11) I have 1 axes of symmetry, 1 pairs of equal angle and 2 pairs of equal lines a) Isosceles triangle b) Scalene triangle c) Parallelogram d) Kite e) Trapezium 12) All my interior angle are less than 90° and not equal to each other. a) Isosceles triangle b) acute-angle triangle c) obtuse-angle triangle d) Right-angled triangle e) Equilateral triangle 13) Who I am? a) Equilateral triangle b) Isosceles triangle c) Scalene triangle d) Obtuse-angled triangle e) Right-angle triangle 14) Who I am? a) isosceles triangle b) scalene triangle c) acute-angle triangle d) obtuse-angle triangle e) right-angle triangle 15) I have 3 equal sides and 3 equal angles. Who I am? a) equilateral triangle b) isosceles triangle c) scalene triangle d) acute-angle triangle e) right-angle triangle



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