1) A machine is a tool that helps to make our work ______________. a) difficult b) easier c) menguatkan 2) Machines help humans ________________ the problem of our ability in doing work. a) to overcome b) to increase c) to make 3) A pulley is an example of a _____________________ machine. a) heavy b) easy c) simple 4) The pulley has a _____________ with a groove that allows the rope to pass through it. a) pole b) load c) wheel d) dinding 5) Which of the following is an example of a machine that uses pulleys? a) Kren b) Peti ais c) Televisyen 6) The pulley system shown is of the ___________________ category. a) fixed pulley b) moved pulley c) combined pulley 7) The fixed pulley system consists of the following components, except _______________. a) pulley b) load c) tyres 8) When the rope is pulled, the load will _________________ upwards through a fixed pulley system. a) floated b) lifted c) jumped 9) What is the name of the part marked "X" in this picture? a) Tyre b) Wheel c) Axle



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