1) She __________ going to iron her school uniform tonight. a) is b) are 2) Mother and father ____________ going to buy some groceries after work. a) are b) am 3) The sky looks like it __________ going to rain. a) am b) is 4) I __________ going to sell some of my clothes because I need pocket money. a) are b) am 5) Jon is busy this weekend. He __________ going to deliver newspapers around the neighbourhood. a) are b) is 6) Aina would like to __________ to Pangkor Island this weekend. a) go b) goes 7) They would like to __________ some books at the library. a) borrowed b) borrow 8) Mr. Ling would like to __________ his car because he wanted to buy a new one. a) sell b) sold 9) The toddler would like to __________ the cookie on the table. a) eats b) eat 10) I would like to __________ the competition so I have the cash prize. a) win b) wins



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