Cipta pembelajaran yang lebih baik dengan pantas
1) Common Nouns don't begin with a capital later a) True b) False 2) Choose the Common Nouns for people? a) Radio b) Cat c) Teacher d) Mountain 3) Common Noun for place? a) Taj Mahal b) toilet c) Klia Airport d) Sekolah Tinta 4) An ...designs buildings, houses or venues. a) engineer b) builder c) architect 5) You can be shaved by a... a) shaver b) barber c) shavist 6) She makes cakes, puddins and any kind of deserts a) She's a baker. b) She's a cooker. c) She's a cook. 7) He can fix sinks, plumbings or boilers.He's a ... a) boiler b) plumber c) technician 8) He opens the hotel door, he can help you anytime you need him. He's a a) porter b) assistant c) helper 9) He takes your car and park it at the parking. He is ________? a) Driver b) Parker c) Vallet d) Servant 10) If you look after kids and are paid for that, then you are a .. a) Nenek b) Mother c) Sister d) nanny 11) If he writes pieces of news or gives them on TV, he must be a a) Vlogger b) Work in the office c) Journalist 12) He tells you about his day in video form and he sometimes stream his gameplay a) PEWDIEPIE b) Youtuber c) Musician d) Rapper 13) What's his job? a) Ustaz b) Police c) Murderer d) Detective 14) What's his job? a) student b) Ustaz c) Ustazah d) Syeikh 15) I___________________ (100%) take a shower. a) always b) never c) seldom d) sometimes 16) He _________________ (0%) drinks coffee. a) always b) seldom c) sometimes d) never 17) I _____________________(50%) eat eggs and drink milk for breakfast. a) always b) seldom c) sometimes d) rarely 18) I help my mother to ______________ dinner, last night. a) cooked b) cooks c) cook d) cooking 19) I like to draw ______________ I do not like to dance. a) or b) and c) but d) with 20) The crocodile dug a pit near the river and lay eggs ____________ it. a) in b) behind c) under d) in front of 21) Please open the door ____________ the windows. a) with b) but c) and d) or



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