1) Does Anna like her omelette? a) Yes, she does. b) No, she doesn't. 2) What's in Anna's omelette? a) There are coconuts and peas in Anna's omelette. b) There are peppers and cheese in Anna's omelette. 3) Are there any peppers in Greg's omelette? a) No, there aren't. b) Yes, there are. 4) What's in Greg's omelette? a) There are peas, onions and pineapple in Greg's omelette. b) There are onions and pineapple in Greg's omelette. 5) Does Anna like Greg's omelette? a) No, she doesn't. b) Yes, she does. 6) What do they have for dessert? a) Coconut pancakes. b) Coconut cakes. 7) Do Greg and Anna like coconut pancakes? a) No, they don't. b) Yes, they do. 8) Whose house it is? a) It is Anna's house. b) It is Greg's house.



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