1) Which statement is true about the sharpener? a) It is a complex machine. b) It has the gear, wheel and axle. c) It is a transport. d) It is a simple machine. 2) Why are the tools classified as complex machines? a) The tools are made of a combination of devices. b) The tools are made of the combination of forces. c) The tools are made of the combination of machines. d) The tools are made of the combination of simple machines. 3) Which complex machine consists of the combination of the two simple machines? a) Wristwatch b) Nail clipper c) Egg beater d) Pencil sharpener 4) What is the principle of simple machine applied when pulling a nail using a claw hammer? a) Gear b) Lever c) Screw d) Wedge 5) What would happen if machines had never been invented? a) Humans live more comfortably b) Need more time to finish works 6) What are the simple machines in the foldable ladder? a) lever and screw b) lever and gear c) screw and inclined plane d) gear and inclined plane 7) What is the sustainability in the modern blender? a) easily broken b) non-durable c) easy and safe to use d) give an impact to the environment




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