1) I t was Monday morning and Amelia was sitting ___________ at the bus stop and waiting for the bus. a) quiet b) quietly c) hurriedly d) badly 2) Many students were waiting __________at the bus stop to take the bus to school. a) patiently b) fast c) angrily d) gracefully 3) They were holding their books _______ because they did not want them to drop on the floor. a) boldly b) easily c) carefully d) vigorously 4) She read the advertisement ____________. a) careful b) carefully c) sadly d) loudly 5) She then walked__________towards the advertisement and read it again and again. a) slowly b) softly c) desperately d) tightly 6) There were pictures of cell phones arranged_________on shelves. a) wisely b) bravely c) loudly d) neatly 7) Amelia felt excited and her heart was beating ________. a) fast b) fastly c) quick d) quickly 8) She ______ called her friend to inquire more about the cell phones. a) quick b) quickly c) roughly d) carefully 9) She boarded the bus___________. a) badly b) gladly c) sadly d) lazily 10) All the students who saw the incident ran ___________ to her aid. a) slowly b) gladly c) hurriedly d) calmly



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