Cipta pembelajaran yang lebih baik dengan pantas
1) Which animals migrates to protect itself from extreme weather ? a) Monkey b) Whale c) Bear d) Wolf 2) What are the characteristics found in pineapple plant and thorny palm a) thorn b) latex c) smell d) hair 3) When an electric kettle is used the electrical energy changes into... a) chemical energy b) kinetic energy c) solar energy d) heat energy  4) What is the factor that causes the change in the size of a shadow? a) The distance between the light source and the screen b) The distance between the object and the screen c) The position of the light source d) The shape of the object 5) Which of the following is a possible electric source for a calculator? a) Dynamo b) Generator c) Solar cells d) Accumulator  6) Which of the following shows that a substance contacts when it cools? a) Electrical cables became loose b) Two glasses are stucked to each other c) The gaps in the railway become bigger d) A dented ping pong ball gets back its shape 7) The amount of matter on an object a) weight b) mass c) volume d) density 8) Which of the following can be used to replace tamarind in cooking? a) Papaya b) Vinegar c) Soy sauce d) Pipe water 9) Based on the lunar calendar, what is the phae of the Moon that can be seen on the 15th day? a) Crescent b) New Moon c) Half-Moon d) Full Moon 10) Aiman wants to build a strong model. Which of the following must he do? a) Increase the base area of the model b) Build the model on a strong surface c) Use iron for building the model d) Build a higher model



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