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1) Name this science apparatus. a) beaker b) measuring cylinder c) conical flask 2) Name this science apparatus a) measuring cylinder b) conical flask c) test tube 3) Name this science apparatus a) conical flask b) petri dish c) filter funnel 4) Name this science apparatus a) conical flask b) petri dish c) filter funnel 5) Name this science apparatus a) thermometre b) test tube c) forcep 6) Name this science apparatus a) clock b) time tracker c) stopwatch 7) When you want to observe the veins of a leaf, you should use __________ to help with your observation. a) magnifying glass b) binokular c) telescope 8) When you want to hold a specimen, you should put on __________ . a) boots b) gloves c) specticals 9) You should clean up science apparatus, arrange chairs and switch off the fan before leaving the science room. a) True b) False 10) You should be quiet and don't tell the teacher if your friend is hurt during conducting activity in the science room. a) True b) False 11) Inheritance is the characteristics inherited from mother, father, grandfather , grandmother or ___________ a) ancesters b) unties c) uncles 12) Characteristics that you may inherit type of hair , skin color and iris color. a) True b) False 13) Human experience changes in size , height and __________________ during growth. a) shape b) type of hair c) weight 14) Which animals look alike with their parents. a) Frog , fly , Rabbit b) Fly , duck , butterfly c) Horse , cow , rabbit 15) Animal that lay eggs. a) Duck , Cat and Squirrel b) Mosquito, Frog and Butterfly c) Snake , Cat and Rat 16) Animals that lay a few eggs will ____________ their eggs until they are hatched. a) look after b) not look after c) leave 17) Elephant give birth to a few youngs. a) True b) False 18) Porcupine gives birth to many youngs. a) True b) False 19) Plants are our source of air for us to __________ a) breathe b) eat c) drink 20) Basic needs of seeds to germinate are _________________ a) air, water and sunlight b) air , water and suitable temperature c) suitable temperature , sunlight and air 21) Sunlight is important for plant to _____________ a) breathe b) make food c) wilt 22) Sources of lights are _______________ a) sun b) moon c) house 23) A dark shadow is formed when an __________ object blocks the light. a) opaque b) transparent c) translucent 24) A bulb _____________ when switch is closed, completing the circuit. a) do not light up b) light up c) dimmed 25) Insulators are objects that is made from __________________ a) rubber , wood and plastic b) metal, wood and plastic 26) This is a _________________ a) bulb b) wyre c) switch 27) This is a _______________ a) bulb b) switch c) dry cell 28) What is the function of a switch? a) To supply electrcity b) To complete and break an electric circuit. c) To produce lights 29) To separate substances that can be attracted by magnets and substances that will not attract to magnets. a) Sieving Methods b) Using Magnet Methods c) Filtering Methods 30) To separate two big size substances. What methods is that? a) Filtering methods b) Hand-picking methods c) Sieving methods 31) Materials can dissolve more quickly in cold water than hot water. a) True b) False 32) Small sized materials dissolve more quickly than big sized materials. a) True b) False

Revision Questions : Science Year 2



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