a hundred - 100 in English word., half past three - 3:30 in time., summer - a season name where the weather is very hot., winter - a season name where the weather is very cold and snowing., yours - This is for you. It's ___________., mine - That is my doll. It's ______________., scary - The ghost film is ___________., delicious - The food is ___________ and I like it!, caught - past tense of 'catch'., took - past tense of 'take'., saw - past tense of 'see'., Earth - The planet that all the people live on., Mercury - The planet that closest to the Sun., Jupiter - The biggest planet in Solar System., worst - The superlative form for 'bad'., faster - Cheetahs are _________ than horses., December - The Christmas month in a year., bookcase - We put our books in the ___________., quiet - Be __________ when you are in the library., sheep - plural form for 'sheep'., mice - plural form for 'mouse'., cross - we _______ the street to the opposite of the road., firefighter - The ____________ put out fires., chef - __________ cooks in a restaurant., farmer - _________ grows fruit and vegetables.,

Year 3 Get Smart Plus 3 Revision



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