1) What animal needs A LOT of space? a) an ant b) a worm c) a chetah 2) Why do animals need space? a) to move or swing b) to jump c) to run and hunt d) to fly e) all of the above 3) Why is a shelter so important to an animal? a) because it keeps them safe b) because it is beautiful c) because they are big d) because they are hard to find 4) Which of the following is NOT an animal NEED? a) oxygen b) whiskers c) shelter and space d) water and food 5) True or False. All animals need to eat plants and vegetables for nutrients a) TRUE b) FALSE 6) Where do animals get their ENERGY from? a) food b) running c) space d) playing with other animals 7) Which animal does NOT need a lot of space? a) a worm b) a wolf c) a deer d) a giraffe 8) True or False. Animals AND Plants need SPACE to grow. a) TRUE b) FALSE 9) True or False. Humans are animals. a) TRUE b) FALSE 10) True or False. BOTH Animals AND plants need shelter. a) TRUE b) FALSE

Animal Needs (CLASSWORK) - 5.3


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