I ate the burnt peppermint., Yogurt will curdle if left in the sun., The minister gave a superb sermon., The star ate the hamburger. , Saturn will be visible on Thursday in October., The film made the serpent turn into a monster., Your body converts fat into energy., On Saturday, Mr. Murphy likes to do a puzzle., Urban life can be busy and expensive., BOOM! , The urge to survive is important when battling cancer., It was urgent that the police officer spoke with his informant., We import ornate lamps to sell., Morgan exports bottles to Jordan., A dormant plant can still absorb sun., When will he complete the report on reform?, A hornet bite on the torso feels like torment., BOOM!, Norman fell into a vortex in his mind., Ship the parcel to market in the cargo hold., Margo has scarlet carpet that is hardly worn., Art will harvest parsnips for his garden market. , Forests are carbon sinks., There was hardly any jargon in her report., Stern Vern gave a terse response., Are ants and termites vermin?, Vern had a crop that was ten percent filberts., Perhaps the perfume will persist., BOOM!, Albert the hermit hopes to be perfect., Herbert went berserk when the serpent slid by., Which person sent for the servant?, Morgan will linger over the lobster dinner. , The gangster stole a number of amber rings., Scamper after the hamster that hid under the lumber., A large number of mice are under the rafters., Horton lost his temper after a tussle., BOOM! , Martin hid from the army of monsters under his bed., Confirm the place of his birth., Return home to the suburb., Do not disturb me on Thursday., Arthur sold surplus purple shirts., BOOM! , It is absurd for a turtle to be purple., Margo broke her femur when she fell over a hurdle., Her return home was a surprise..

BOOM! Bossy-R sentences (long)


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