1) The airplane is an important form of transportation, and also the fastest growing. The main reason for this is airplanes are the fastest form of travel. For example, it might take a family a few days to drive from New York to California, but they could fly that distance in five hours. What is the main idea? a) Flying is more fun than driving. b) The airplane is important because it is fast. c) The car is still the most important way to travel. 2) The pacific Ocean is the world's largest ocean. It covers about a third of the earth. The Pacific Ocean is also the deepest ocean. It touches the shores of five of the world's seven continents. Throughout the Pacific, there are thousands of islands. What is the main idea? a) Oceans are large. b) To compare the Pacific Ocean to other oceans. c) To describe the Pacific Ocean. 3) Jack is going to hockey game next week to see his favorite team. Jack knows that ice hockey is one of the fastest of all sports. It is played between two teams. Each team has six players. The players wear ice skate, helmets, protective padding, and carry hockey sticks. Jack hopes his team will win. What is the main idea? a) Ice hockey is an individual sport. b) Ice hockey is a fast team sport. c) Ice hockey is an unpopular sport. 4) Steel is a very important metal that is used for many things. In the United States, the automobile industry uses the most steel. Steel is used in constructing buildings. Cans and containers are made from steel. Steel is used to make farm and factory machines. What is the main idea? a) The auto industry is the most important. b) Steel is used for many purposes. c) The United States produces the most steel in the world. 5) Fish come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some fish live in fresh water and some live in salt water. There are more than 20,000 kinds of fish. Most fish hatch from eggs. Fish have backbones and breathe underwater through gills. What is the main idea? a) Some fish are very beautiful. b) Most fish live in salt water. c) There are many kinds of fish. 6) Peter was going skiing for the first time. He knew he would need a lot of equipment. He decided to rent the skis, boots, and poles. He planned on bringing plenty of warm clothing. He thought he would take a skiing lesson or two to get started the correct way. What is the main idea? a) Peter is preparing to ski. b) Skiing is easy to learn. c) Skiing is a dangerous sport. 7) Today, candy can be bought by anyone in a number of places. In old Egypt, candy was made only for the most important people in the kingdom. Candy first became popular as a way to disguise the bitter taste of medicine. Today, there are hundreds of candy brands to sample. What is the main idea? a) Candy is more delicious today. b) Candy is made better today. c) Candy is easier to get today. 8) The grapefruit gets its name because the fruit grows in clumps like grapes. Years ago, people grew grapefruit trees for decoration only. Now, the grapefruit is a popular fruit because it contains vitamins and it's good for us. It can be served as juice or eaten raw. What is the main idea? a) Grapefruits are used for decoration. b) The grapefruit is a healthy food. c) Grapefruits can be yellow or pink. 9) Reporters go to many places to get news stories. They talk to people to get information. They write the information down in their notes. Back at the newspaper office, the reported uses his or her notes to write the story. What is the main idea? a) To describe how a reporter works. b) To describe how a newspaper office works. c) To describe why reporters are important. 10) The largest bird is the ostrich. This bird is unable to fly. It can run as fast as a horse. The ostrich makes use of its feet and legs to protect itself. It kicks its enemies. Ostriches eat insects, mice, and snakes. What is the main idea? a) To describe the largest bird. b) To describe the smallest bird. c) To describe why the ostrich can't fly.


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