1) Which word means not happy? a) unhappy b) rehappy c) dishappy d) prehappy e) mishappy 2) Which word means to try again? a) untry b) retry c) distry d) pretry e) mistry 3) Which word means the opposite of kind? a) unkind b) rekind c) diskind d) prekind e) miskind 4) Which word means that you are not following rules? a) unobey b) reobey c) disobey d) preobey e) misobey 5) Which word means to write again? a) unwrite b) rewrite c) diswrite d) prewrite e) miswrite 6) Which word means that you do not agree? a) unagree b) reagree c) disagree d) preagree e) misagree 7) Which word means to spell something wrong? a) unspell b) respell c) disspell d) prespell e) misspell 8) Which word means to pay for something before you get it? a) unpay b) repay c) dispay d) prepay e) mispay 9) Which word means to treat badly? a) untreat b) retreat c) distreat d) pretreat e) mistreat 10) Which word means to not be honest? a) unhonest b) rehonest c) dishonest d) prehonest e) mishonest


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