1) Gina (walk) _____________ in the park yesterday. a) wolken b) walks c) walked 2) Jake (eat) _______________ pizza last night. a) ate b) drank c) eated 3) Amy (go) ______________ to the cinema last night. a) swam b) went c) goed 4) My grandpa (fall) __________ while taking a walk. a) falled b) falls c) fell 5) She (buy) ______ a new pair of shoes. a) bought b) buyed c) buying 6) She (drink) _____ all the water. a) drinked b) drank c) drinks 7) He (drive) _____ to the store. a) drove b) drived c) driven 8) He (write) _____ a letter to his grandparents. a) wrote b) writed c) written 9) He (catch) ____ the ball, so their team (win) ____ the game. a) caught, won b) catched, win c) caught, winned 10) He __________ very happy yesterday. a) was b) were c) be 11) They ___________ in London last summer. a) be b) were c) was 12) I _____________ tired yesterday. a) was b) were c) am 13) It ___________ sunny yesterday. a) were b) was c) are 14) A: Yes, she did. a) Q: Did call Brianna her father after her car got towed?  b) Q: What did Brianna call her dad when her car got towed?  c) Q: Did Brianna call her father after her car got towed?   15) Q: Did you have dinner yet? a) A: No, I didn't. b) A: No, I didn't had. c) A: No, I hadn't.

Simple Past Tense Review


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