a mild cold, the wild troll, , FREE POINTS!, scroll up, , its hind leg, FREE POINTS!, a ten volt jolt, don't mind, roll the ball, in a bind, , the lost child, to host the lunch, can't find, shouldn't scold, , a wild elk, FREE POINTS!, grind the bolt, then find the gold, a blind child, FREE POINTS!, wind it up, cut off the rind, the most fun, , on a quick stroll, a small doll, post your sketch, FREE POINTS!, scroll left, , on the frost, at his post, fold up the cot, , on a roll, a bold colt, his kind host, FREE POINTS!, hold the fold, , told his dad, FREE POINTS!, sold the post, the red mold, too much wind, poll the class, scold the troll, , a cold day, what kind, then sold the shack, at what cost, but who told, FREE POINTS!, , find some gold, , have a roll, , cost too much, an old doll, lost his mind, bridge with a toll, does not mind well, frost was thick, FREE POINTS!, too cold to run, big and tall troll, FREE POINTS!, cut off the rind, small and kind, what a dolt, .


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