1) When you need a break, you can say... a) "I need a break." b) AHHH c) Whats up? 2) When you need someone's attention, you can say... a) "see you soon" b) "Come here please." c) "NOW" 3) When Miss Callahan walks into the classroom, you can say... a) "Hi Miss Callahan." b) "Not today." c) "Cool." 4) When you see Mr. Chapman at school, you can say... a) Sweet b) "Cool." c) "Hi Mr. Chapman, how are you?" 5) When its too loud, you can say... a) "See you later." b) "I want to go home." c) "I need quiet." 6) When someone is making too much noise you can say..... a) Please be quiet b) Shut up c) Don't do that 7) You are hungry and want to eat, you can say..... a) Get me food b) I want to eat now! c) I am hungry, when is lunch? 8) You are lost on a field trip, you can say.... a) I need help b) Get away from me 9) You are feeling frustrated and need a break, you can say...... a) I am not doing this! b) You are mean! c) I need a break. 10) You are thirsty, you can say.... a) Can I have a drink? b) I need to use the bathroom.

Self Advocacy: What can I say?


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