small portion, formal function, best option, photo caption, , not enough traction, a small fraction, dentist used suction, what section, FREE POINTS!, live-action film, make a caption, which junction, , a non fiction story, smooth lotion, at the bus station, , a large nation, Snape, the potion master, plot in motion, FREE POINTS!, microbe mutation, close election, lava eruption, motion detection, , pink carnation, not enough protection, a long duration, FREE POINTS!, get a notification, timber nation, locker combination, FREE POINTS!, quick calculation, job qualifications, thinking is cognition, , giant rock formation, huge corporation, has the ambition to win, FREE POINTS!, bicycle for transportation, splendid condition, tax reduction, , behind the partition, mold prevention, price reduction, , long detention, water vaporization, sad rejection, FREE POINTS!, upon reflection, a big temptation, gross infection, , begin rehabilitation, concentration helps memorization, detailed description, FREE POINTS!, small reception party, a large production, job promotion, , strong sensation, grade inflation, crop rotation, yelled in frustration, FREE POINTS!, sift through information, liquidation sale, wake from hibernation, rock wall stabilization, , uneasy emotion, lab experimentation, animal vocalization, pass that legislation, , has a solution, old civilization crumbled, strict specifications, fix starvation, French translation, FREE POINTS!, ice cold sensation, given money for relocation, short hospitalization, performer was a contortionist, FREE POINTS!, quick transition, top nutrition, full representation, , first position, car ignition, diversification regulations.


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