be gentle, take the handle, , FREE POINTS!, play the bugle, , held a rifle, FREE POINTS!, many cattle, ladle the broth, by the table, smuggle the gold, , ate an apple, crunchy pickle, stifle their giggles, an unstable desk, , grapple with the problem, FREE POINTS!, hard puzzle, was baffled, a single chair, FREE POINTS!, snuggle the puppy, middle of the line, guzzle the soda, , grab the bottle, a short title, has a Bible, FREE POINTS!, twisted ankle, , had a wobble, a jungle cat, a right angle, , get the saddle, a sniffle and sneeze, a flat pebble, FREE POINTS!, light the candle, dazzle them, a bloody battle, , grapple with the problem, yummy trifle, jumble her words, a high whistle, FREE POINTS!, one nibble, castle with a moat, the humble movie star, has a dimple, , gobble gobble, take a sample, nestle by the fire, blocks will topple, a thick cable wire, softly grumble, solve the riddle, FREE POINTS!, has ample room, felt a tremble, show an example, settle the score, ramble on and on, , wiggle out of it, it was a struggle, , in the tea kettle, the noble king, long rectangle, staple them together, , hear it sizzle, scramble the eggs, tattle on them, stumble on the root, FREE POINTS!, jangle their keys, little but strong, bubble gum, play the fiddle, was impossible, recycle the paper, chuckle at the joke, unbuckle your belt, will tickle you, FREE POINTS!, cake has sprinkles, tackle the line backer, , mingle with them, trickle downhill, spackle the hole, very flexible.

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