Addition: Leah's family adopted two cats. It costs $8 to adopt a cat. How much did it cost in all?, Anna bought 2 shirts at Target and 3 pairs of pants at the mall. How many pieces of clothing did she buy all together?, Cayden's aunt, uncle, and 4 cousins visited for Thanksgiving. What's the total number of people that visited?, Jackson ate 2 oreos for snack and 2 more at lunch. Find the sum for how many cookies he ate., Carson went on a vacation with his family. They spent 2 days traveling and 4 days at Disney World. How many days was the vacation in all?, Subtraction: George had five "A"s and 2 "B"s on his report card. How many more A's did he get?, Bree had 10 points. She spent 7 points on upgrades. How many does she have left?, Susan has 18 pencils in her desk. Seth has 12. How many more pencils does Susan have?, Brian ate 13 gummies. David ate 5 fewer gummies than Brian. How many did David eat?, Brent started with $12 but he spent $10 for his lunch. How much does he have left?,

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (Single Step)


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