1) Sara has lived in San Francisco____________10 years. a) since b) for c) already 2) Sara has wanted to be a tennis player _________ she was a little girl. a) for b) since c) yet d) already 3) I've started planning your graduation party__________________. a) last night b) already c) yet 4) We _________haven't chosen a restaurant for the party. I'm getting nervous. a) still b) yet c) already 5) ______ Jon ever ridden a camel? a) Have b) Has c) Did 6) I have___________been to Japan. a) ever b) never c) yet 7) My brother _________ to Chicago five years ago. a) has moved b) moved c) have moved 8) Professor Ortiz ______________ten articles on global warming. a) has been writing b) has written 9) I________________my final paper since 6 am. a) wrote b) have been writing c) have written 10) After a lot of studying, Stefan_________________to get an A on his Russian test. a) could b) was able 11) I______________understand the movie. They spoke too fast. a) can't b) couldn't 12) ___________you mind if I call you at home? a) Could b) Do 13) May I _______________the door? a) shut please b) please shut 14) Would you mind____________off the TV? I'm trying to read. a) to turn b) turning 15) Would you mind walking the dog tonight? a) No, not at all. b) I'd be glad to. 16) Doug should____________that internet group. I think he'd like it. a) join b) joins c) to join 17) He'd better _________careful moving those fragile boxes. a) be b) not be c) not being 18) I've ______________returned from Cairo. a) just b) lately 19) I haven't read any good travel books_______________. a) never b) lately c) already. 20) What's the correct question if I want to ask about somebody's life experience? a) Did you ever ice-skate? b) Have you ever ice-skated?

Grammar - Final review 3A


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