press, compress, depress - press against, rupt, disrupt, erupt - break, sent, sens(e) , absent, resent - feel perceive, sist , assist,persist - place , stand, sult,salt assault ,insult - leap, assault, stant, constant, - standing , dict, diction, dictionary - say, tell, duct,duc,duce conduct, conductor - lead, fect, fac,fact,fic infect, - make, do, flict conflict, inflict - strike to the ground, ject, adjective, projectile - throw, tend, tent, extend - stretch, reach, gress (grad(e)gred progress, congress - step, degree, pel,puls(e) expel - drive, push, mt, miss, mitt, mission, transmit - send, fess, confess,profess - acknowledge, vent, ven(e) invent, advent - come, mand command - order, pend pens(e) suspend, pendulum - hang, weigh, flect,flex, reflection - bend, curve, lect,leg , collect, selection - gather, choose, read, pact, impact, - fastened, agreed, rect, direct - ruled, sight, sect, sec, insect, dissect - cut, spect, spec inspect, spectator - see, struct, stru construction, structure - build, tact, contact - touch, tract, tractor, distract - draw, pull, vict, vinc(e) victory, evict - conquer,


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