1) Can you wink? 2) Can you snap your fingers? 3) Can you say "thank you" in 4 languages? 4) Can you say "hello" in Spanish? 5) Can you spell the word "whiteboard" 6) Can you name 5 parts of the house? 7) Can you touch your nose with your tongue? 8) Can you say fast "the butter with the batter is the butter that is better"? 9) Can you write a word with your left hand? 10) Can you name the months in English? 11) Can you whistle? 12) Can you cross your eyes? 13) Can you say your name backward? 14) Can you say "I love you" in 3 languages? 15) Can you name the days of the week in English? 16) Can you name, and point to 5 parts of the body? 17) Can you draw an elephant? 18) Can you count backward from 20? 19) Can you hold your breath for 20 seconds?  20) Can you name 5 vegetables?

Abilities - Can or Can't


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