Independent clause: we found the missing money under the couch, apples make the best pies, my best friend and I ate lunch, his freestyle time improved greatly, the fan cooled the room considerably, I shut the closet door in my bedroom, Gavynn told Elly not to slam the door, the dog hid behind the couch, you are very funny, raccoons make wonderful pets, popcorn is my favorite snack, Dependent Clause: since Reagan has already seen that movie, because apples make the best pies, once you improve your grades in science, while Scott slept on Saturday morning, when Dawson gets done with this activity, even though the sun is shining, before Carleigh went shopping at the new mall, if you all get done early, unless Jamo helps, after the track meet is over, although H.T. enjoys cake,

Independent and Dependent Clauses




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