1) I ate some ham and a yam. 2) I eat jam with a ram. 3) I wear a hat on a mat. 4) The bat and cat are friends.  5) I led him to bed. 6) I fed her red food. 7) He told me to get in the jet. 8) I used a net to catch a pet. 9) There is a rip at the tip. 10) I had some dip and took a sip. 11) I had to sit so I wouldn't get hit. 12) I was fit for a bit.  13) I took my dog for a jog.  14) I saw a log in the fog.  15) It was not that hot.  16) I got a dot on my finger.  17) I rub the cub. 18) There's a sub in the tub. 19) She had to cut up the hut. 20) There's a nut in the rut.


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