The fish in Liz's tank ____ past the tall plants. The fish were so big- and ____, too. Liz had been the best pet mom! Every two weeks, Liz had to work to clean everything in the fish tank. She had a list to ____ her to do each step. Step 1: Liz had to ____ the glass with a stiff brush. Step 2: Liz had to rub every pink ____. Step 3: Liz had to also scrub the front, sides, and back of the ____. In the midst of each tank scrub, it ____ Liz that there was not too much ____ with this task. In fact, it felt very good to get rid of the mess on everything. At the end of the job, the tank was set until the ____ scrub! If the fish could ____, they would tell Liz, "Thanks!"

Wilson 2.5 Thanks, from the Fish Cloze




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