1) What word is an OPEN syllable? a) me b) met c) if 2) What word is a CLOSED Syllable a) met b) me c) life 3) What word is a MAGIC-E ? a) meat b) time c) be 4) What word is a Syllable? a) wng b) jnk c) jump 5) What word is a UNIT? a) bench b) blink c) bess 6) What word is a UNIT? a) frizz b) clock c) stall 7) What word is a BOSSY R Syllable? a) bro b) bron c) born 8) What word is an UNIT? a) plank b) whack c) broke 9) What word is Magic E? a) feed b) Pete c) pre 10) What word is CLOSED Syllable? a) meet b) me c) met 11) What word does not follow the z-floss? a) Buss b) Bus c) Bes 12) What word is an exception to -tch? a) witch b) which c) flitch 13) What are the exceptions to the TCH rule? a) tich b) rich c) wuch d) mutch e) such f) much 14) What are the words that DO NOT follow z-floss? a) yes b) yess c) bus d) whizz e) gas f) buss 15) What 2 words are UNITS? a) dreng b) stall c) slam d) ranch e) blank f) bunch

Syllable Types/Spelling Rules


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