1) A Closed Syllable has 1 vowel and 1 or more consonants AFTER the vowel to close it in. The vowel is usually short. a) sky b) bit c) lake d) table e) park f) play 2) A v-e Syllable has a vowel, then a consonant, then an 'e' at the end. The 'e' jumps over the consonant to make the other vowel say its name. a) try b) tree c) sample d) tape e) cut f) bird 3) An Open Syllable ends with a vowel. The vowel is long because there's nothing to close it off. a) so b) hat c) bike d) turtle e) card f) rain 4) A Consonant-le Syllable has only 3 letters and is usually at the end of a word. To find the syllable, count back 3. The 'e' is silent, so you only hear the 2 consonants. a) apple b) shape c) go d) goat e) term f) pot 5) An R-Controlled Syllable has a vowel followed by 'r.' The 'r' affects the sound of the vowel. a) she b) hope c) hop d) angle e) turn f) eat 6) A Vowel Team Syllable has 2 vowels working together as a team. In this type of syllable, 'w' can be considered a vowel. a) single b) carry c) my d) boat e) spin f) spine

The 6 Syllable Types



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