1) Rapunzel has got ____ hair in the world. a) long b) longer c) the longest d) the most long 2) Cinderella is ____ than her sisters. a) nice b) nicer c) the nicest d) the most nice 3) Daddy bear's bed is _____ bed in the house. a) the most big b) bigger c) the biggest d) bigest 4) Pinocchio's nose is _____ in the world. a) long b) longer c) longest d) the longest 5) Tiggar and Winnie are ______. a) happier b) happy c) the happiest d) happy than 6) Piglet is the ____ Winnie's friend. a) small b) smaller c) smallest 7) The rat cooks better _____ the man. a) that b) than c) then d) them 8) McQueen is ____ car in the world. a) the most fast b) faster c) the fastest d) fastest 9) Baloo is ____ than Bagheera. a) more funny b) funnyer c) funnier d) more funnier 10) Mowgly is not _____ than the elephant. a) big b) bigger c) biggest d) biger




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