1) The student was late, __________ she started to run. a) for b) and c) so d) but 2) Dad remembered to shut the door, __________ he forgot to lock it. a) nor b) but c) so d) and 3) Lenny likes neither the hot weather, __________ the cold weather. a) and b) yet c) nor d) but 4) Judy closed the door __________ walked outside. a) for b) and c) but d) yet 5) Do you want pizza _____ steak for dinner tonight? a) or b) yet c) so d) and 6) Dave studied all day, ________ he still didn’t do well on the test. a) but b) and c) nor d) so 7) The girls wore old clothes __________ they could play in the mud. a) and b) nor c) yet d) so 8) Bethany went to the store ______ Maria went to the library. a) so b) but c) for d) and 9) He has got a sore back, __________ he is still so active. a) nor b) yet c) or d) and 10) . The poor dog was cold __________ hungry. a) but b) and c) so d) for 11) Fran decided she would visit neither Kate __________ Samantha. a) for b) so c) nor d) and 12) James was tired, __________ he didn’t want to go to bed. a) for b) and c) yet d) so 13) Casey hopes to go on the rollercoaster __________ the log ride at the amusement park today. a) and b) but c) or d) so 14) Anna’s feet were tired, __________ she had been walking all day. a) for b) and c) so d) but 15) I bought a new notebook, ________ I could start writing poems. a) and b) for c) but d) so 16) I sent the invitations last month, _________ I haven't received any replies.  a) and b) for c) yet d) nor 17) He is responsible for planning the class party, ______ he is the class president. a) for b) but c) nor d) so


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