1) You can find this in the park. You've got to climb a ladder to get to the very top. It's slippery. You can also roll things down this structure. It kind of looks like a ramp. a) slide b) roller coaster 2) It's an arachnid. It has a head, an abdomen, and eight legs. Be careful not too come to close because it's venom/bite can be deadly. a) beetle b) spider 3) To make this structure, you will need sand, water, a shovel, and other sand toys.  a) house b) sandcastle 4) It's a meal. To make this dish, you will need cooked noodles, red sauce, and meat. It's one of Ms. Gilda's favorite foods. a) spaghetti b) noodles 5) It's a woodland forest animal. It collects and eats nuts. They gather as many nuts as they can to stash for the winter months. a) mouse b) squirrel 6) This is usually referred to as a machine that is launched into space and orbits around the Earth. It is used for communication, navigation, and weather forecasting. a) satellite b) computer 7) This is a treat. To make this treat, you will need graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. You can roast this by the campfire. a) s'mores b) cupcake 8) It is the second-largest planet and has many moons (82). It is a gas giant. It is known as the "ringed planet" because of its rings. a) Neptune b) Saturn

Guess the picture that begins with /s/.


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