1) Which is appropriate clothes for an interview? a) b) c) 2) what should you bring to a job interview? a) b) c) 3) What should you use to fill out an application? a) b) c) d) 4) what is considered a photo ID a) Gym card b) A state issued ID (non-driver's license) c) Library card 5) Which person could you use as a professional reference? a) your mailman b) Neighbor c) Family d) Teacher 6) Which store sign is used to hire someone? a) b) c) d) 7) What do you need if you are under 18 to work in NY? a) Library card b) Student ID c) working papers 8) Who is an example of a personal reference? a) b) c) 9) Which is helpful to look for a job? a) b) c) d) 10) How should you present yourself on an interview a) b) c) d) 11) What type of shoes are best when going to an interview? a) b) c) d) 12) When should you show up for an interview? a) 10 minutes before your appointment b) Running Late c) 1 hour early 13) What is a good skill to use while on an interview? a) sniffing b) whispering c) effective listening d) using the cell phone 14) what is a good thing to know when applying for a job? a) What is the work schedule? b) How you will you get to the job? c) d) phone number to be reached e) All 15) What is an important skill to have at work? a) communication b) following directions c) team player d) punctuality e) all 16) Which are numbers should you know for a job application? a) Social Security b) pizza place c) wifi password d) Amazon

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