1) She is a singer. ______ name is Beyoncé a) His b) Her c) Your 2) They are friends. ________ names are Phoebe, Monica and Rachel a) Her b) Your c) Their 3) This is my favorite series. ______ name is The Office. a) His b) Your c) Its 4) They are classmates. ______ names are Cady and Regina George. a) Their b) His c) Her 5) She is a Mexican painter. ______ name is Frida Kahlo.  a) His b) Your c) Her 6) They are from England. ______ nationality is English. a) Their b) His c) Her d) Its 7) The cups are on the table. ______ color is purple, green, yellow and orange. a) Its b) Their c) Our d) His 8) She's an actress ______ name's Jennifer Aniston  a) His b) Her c) Your 9) We are English students. ______ classes are on Thursdays a) My b) Its c) Our 10) He's an actor. _____ name is Steve Carell a) Her b) His c) Their


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