1) She has lived in this town _____ 5 years now. a) since b) for 2) They've been doctors _____ 2011. a) since b) for 3) ________ has he been an employee in this company? a) How time b) How long time c) How long 4) I've practiced sports _____ I was a kid. a) for b) since 5) Have you talked to him _____ our last meeting? a) since b) for 6) Lucy hasn't lived in London _____ 2 years. a) since b) for 7) I've known my best friend _____ 20 years! a) since b) for 8) I've studied at Approach International School _____ I moved to Boston. a) since b) for 9) We use _______ to refer back to a previous point in time. a) since b) for 10) We use ________ with a period of time to refer to duration a) since b) for

Present Perfect + for/since


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