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accompaniment - items offered separatly to the main dish, al dente - firm to bite, au gratin - sprinkled with cheese or breadcrumbs and browned, bainmarie - container of water to keep foods hot without fear of burning, brûlée - burned cream, bouquet garni - small bundle of herbs, coulis - sauce made from fuit or vegetable puree, croutons - cubes of toasted or fried bread, en croute - wrapped in pastry e.g. salmon, chicken, entree - Main course, flambe - to cook with flame by burning away the alcohol, garnish - trimmings or decoration to a main dish, julienne - thin. matchstick size strips of vegetables, marinade - richly spiced liquid used to give flavour and assist in tenderising meat and fish, miseenplace - basic preparation prior to cooking, puree - smooth mixture made from food passed through a sieve or blended, reduce - to concentrate a liquid by boiling or simmering, roux - a thickening of cooked flour and fat to make sauces or choux pastry, saute - tossed and cooked quickly in hot fat,

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