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Directs all the movement on stage. - Director, Assists the director in rehearsals and communicates with all the other teams. - Assistant Director, Co-ordinates the entire opera company and it’s schedule. Manages the people, the events and all the details. - Production Manager, Make the sets and costumes under the leadership of the Production Manager - Makers, Makes sure all the music is fully rehearsed; controls the balance of sound and keeps all the performers and musicians in time together. - Music Director (MD), Collects/organises the props; assists with scene changes (may also help realise the set/costume designs) - Assistant Stage Manager, Is responsible for ‘cueing’ the show (making sure it runs in the right order) and overseeing scene changes. - Stage Manager, Carries out scene changes - Stage Crew, Creates (and helps realise) set designs that show the time and place, and create the right atmosphere - Set Designer, Creates (and helps realise) costume designs that provide the audience with important information about the characters. - Costume Designer, Creates and realises lighting designs that illuminate the performance and focus the audiences attention on dramatic action - Lighting Designer, Creates and realises make-up designs to enhance the characters - Make-up Artist, Informs the school, press, local community and The Royal Opera House about our company; publicises the performances to attract an audience; provides an informative programme - Public Relations Team, Ensures that everything runs smoothly in the Front of House (FOH) area before, during and after performances; prepares the seating plan and ticket allocation for each performance; supervises ushers, caterers and box office staff. - House Manager, Play the part of the characters; make the audience understand their character’s personality through acting and singing. - Performers, Play one (or more) musical instrument(s)in the orchestra, under the direction of the MD, to accompany the performers and onstage action. - Musicians, Co-ordinates the entire opera company and its schedule; manages the people, events and details. - Company Manager,

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