1) I want to eat a ________ orange, a) juicy b) jewcy c) jeucy 2) The ___________ solved the crime. a) sluith b) slewth c) sleuth 3) Sara _______ her jacket and needs a new one. a) outgrue b) outgrew c) outgrui 4) The ________ in the ring was beautiful. a) jeuel b) jewel c) juiel 5) Will he _________ his subscription? a) renew b) renui c) renue 6) What time is your _______? a) curfui b) curfue c) curfew 7) I am in ________ of the suspect. a) pursuet b) pursuit c) pursewt 8) Have you ever been on a ________? a) cruise b) crewse c) cruese 9) The history of ________ is very interesting. a) Europe b) Urope c) Urup 10) That _______ has been going on for too long. a) fewd b) fuid c) feud

9.7 Spelling Choice


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