Would you rather be friends with an elf or friends with Frosty?, Only eat Christmas cookies or only drink hot cocoa?, Be an elf or one of Santa's reindeer?, Eat holiday food or watch holiday movies?, Decorate 100 Christmas trees or decorate 100 Christmas cookies?, Have a red nose that lights up or pointy elf ears?, Be a melting snowman or a gingerbread man with a bite taken out?, Have tinsel for hair or only wear light up sweaters?, Live in a gingerbread castle or ride the Polar Express?, Have Santa's beard or have Santa's belly?, Have mittens for hands or skis for feet?, Have snowflakes for eyelashes or icicles for teeth?, Play in the Super Bowl or dance in the Nutcracker?, Sing "Jingle Bells" all the time or wear a Santa suit every day?.

Would You Rather - Holiday edition


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