1) Which holiday is on December 25? a) b) c) 2) Which one is the dreidel? a) b) c) 3) Which one is a reindeer? a) b) c) 4) Which holiday is late November or in December? a) b) c) 5) Can you find Santa Claus? a) b) c) 6) What do you get on Christmas Day? a) b) c) 7) What do you put on a Christmas Tree? a) b) c) 8) Hanukkah has how many candles to light. a) b) c) 9) On the last day of Kwanzaa you get a... a) b) c) 10) Kwanzaa lasts how many days. a) b) c) 11) This is a Christmas activity. a) b) c) 12) African Americans celebrate this holiday. a) b) c) 13) What do you put on a Christmas tree? a) b) c) 14) Find the Christmas tree. a) b) c) 15) Hanukkah is known for it's favorite food. a) b) c) 16) In the winter you can do this outside. a) b) c)   17) On Kwanzaa what color is the first candle you light? a) b) c) 18) Kwanzaa begins on December.. a) b) c) 19) Santa has a reindeer called Rudolph. a) b) c) 20) What can you make with snow? a) b) c) snow mobile


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