1) Frosty the Snowman is a live because he has a magic... a) scarf b) pipe c) hat 2) What number represents December in 12/25/2020? a) 2020 b) 12 c) 25 3) Which of Santa's reindeer has a shiny nose? a) Rudolph b) Vixen c) Cupid 4) What is Christmas Eve? a) a woman's name b) the day after Christmas c) the day before Christmas 5) What holiday is always January 1st? a) Easter b) New Year's Day c) Veteran's Day 6) The day before the new year begins is called... a) New Year's Eve b) Last Year's Last Day c) Old Year's Day 7) The first day of winter is December 21st. What day of the week will it be? a) Snowday b) Monday c) Cold-day 8) It is better to g____ than to receive. a) get b) give c) present 9) Hope baked 14 Christmas cookies on Monday, 12 on Wednesday, and 16 on Friday. What day did Hope bake the most Christmas cookies? a) Monday b) Wednesday c) Friday 10) On New Year's Eve, many people stay up until what time to, "ring in the new year?" a) Midnight b) 11pm c) 2am 11) What sport is popular to watch on New Year's Day a) Basketball b) Hockey c) Football 12) Which ADA staff member would make a great elf in Santa's workshop? a) Katie H b) Derek c) Nyna d) Willow e) Ethan f) Iris 13) What food would likely be at Christmas Dinner? a) Ham b) McDonald's french fries c) cereal 14) If Iris wants to buy a Christmas gift for Cathy that costs $12.50 and she has $15 in her pocket, does she have enough money to buy Cathy's gift? a) Yes b) No 15) "It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a _____" a) Moose b) Cat c) Mouse 16) What is Scrooge's first name? a) Benjamin b) Sally c) Ebenezer 17) What type of Christmas decoration could go on your front door? a) Christmas Tree b) Wreath c) Popcorn 18) What decoration is typically hung on the mantle of the fireplace? a) Christmas stockings b) Birthday gifts c) Flowers 19) What date will Christmas be on in 2021? a) December 1, 2021 b) December 20, 2021 c) December 25, 2021 20) Linell and her mom made enough peanut brittle to give to 10 people. They delivered to 5 people yesterday. How many more do they have to deliver today? a) 5 b) 10 c) 2

Seriously Silly Holiday Mini



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