You are going to a relatives house for the holidays. Your parents expect you to play with your younger cousin but you don't want to What do you do?, You notice most of your classmates are giving a present to the teacher for the holiday. You do not have one to give What would you do?, A student in class is having a holiday party. You were not invited. What would you do?, You are having a special holiday meal at school. You are supposed to either bring in money or some food. You can't bring either. What would you do?, There is a gift exchange with your family. You do not like your gift. What would you do?, Your teacher asks the class to write about Christmas. Your family doesn't celebrate Christmas. What would you do?, You just go a new gaming system for Christmas. You want to go play with it with your friends. But your cousins want to play with you. What do you do?, You are invited to a friends house who celebrates Hanukkah. You do not celebrate this holiday and do not like the food they are making. What would you do?, You are finished with dinner before anyone else and want to leave the table to go play with your gifts. What would you do?, You are riding to your relatives house and don't feel well. Everyone in the car is singing carols and you want them to stop. What do you do?, You celebrate Kwanzaa and at school they are talking about Christmas and Hanukkah. What do you do?, You want to be with your friends during the holiday week off. Your parents want you to stay home with them. What do you do?, You are shopping for a present for your parents. You see something you really want to buy for yourself but don't have enough money for both. What do you do?, Your family celebrates another holiday other than Christmas and Hanukkah. Your friends don't understand why. What do you do?, Your friend asks you to go ice skating. You have never skated before and don't have skates What do you do?, Every year you go to your grandparents house during the holiday break. They live far away and you can't see your friends. What do you do?, After the holidays the students are talking about all the gifts they got. You really didn't get that many gifts. What do you do?, A friend asks to borrow one of your new gifts. You don't really want to lend it. What do you do?.

Holiday Problem Solving


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