They sang a song to us., Hang the lamp., What a long deck., We rang the bell., The gong is big., Link with my hand. , The man can sing. , BOOM! , That is a big ring. , We will bang the brick an inch., The gong was shut in the hutch., BOOM!, The king can play ping pong. , We go to the rink. , The jet has a long wing. , Sing a long song. , Sink the ship. , Get on the rung. , The king is in pink. , BOOM!, I felt a pang when I fell., They flung the dung right at me!, What a gang of fish in the bog!, Dang, I'm going to miss the bus!, In the spring, I will go on walks., The strong kid could catch the ball., I would like to go swing., Can I bang on the gong?, King Kong was very strong., BOOM! , The ring had a lot of bling!, Would you want to play ping pong?, Where is the long trench?, On my walk, I got a big sting., Bring one song to sing., BOOM! , Who will push the swing?, Hank will bring a snack to math class., Frank drank the milk with his lunch., Fling the long string to me next..

BOOM! -ing, -ang, -ong, -ung sentences


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