Daisy Daisy is my new best ____. One look at her sad black eyes was all that I needed to know that I was in ____. I had the feeling that she couldn't get along without me. She was begging, so without waiting a moment, I was saying that I wanted her. As I was ____ for the tags, Daisy was playing with the cuff on my ____. I was ____ as she trotted out of the ____, matching the speed of my steps. What a playful puppy! The Camping Trip It was time to be ____. What a success this camping trip had been! Dad was still ____ about the fishing and telling how he had landed "the big one." There had been days of swimming and playing, as well as days of doing nothing but resting on the grass and thinking about the stillness. When the sun was ____ and the sky was getting dim, Jim lifted his ____ and our singing filled the hills. We all wished we could stay another month as we folded our tents and fitted them into the bed of the ____. Our New Son It was abundantly clear to me that Sally was attracted to the tiny blond fellow in the ____. Without batting an ____, she planted a ____ on that infant's cheek. As her husband, I could have been dejected. But Sally extended a hand to me and said she thought that the ____ and I should get acquainted. She hinted that he'd be staying with us, and I pretended that would be a ____. We both felt contented as we folded the blanket to cover the sleeping fellow. We lifted our glasses and toasted to our new son. The Doll House Mr. Black stepped back and inspected the doll ____. Cutting and fitting the slats with a small scalpel had been ____. He sanded and ____ it on Monday. Now it looked exactly right. Shannon has been quizzing him about what he has been doing in his shop. He is sure she'll be ____ when she gets this ____. Keeping it a secret from his ____ has been an accomplishment.

B5L3 doubling rule & -ed/-ing suffixes (4 stories)


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